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In a world where big brands and mass manufacturers seemingly dominate cricket brands, Matrrixx is a small boutique business where everything is handcrafted and built on a work ethic that injects enthusiasm and pride in every cricket product that we manufacture. We do not pay players massive amounts of money like other companies to carry our logos on the sides and we do not go around distributing free bats and other equipment by the scores to bluff people on TV to believing that it is a choice of the Pros. However, we do customize bats and sell them to top International and first class cricketers to carry whatever sponsors logos they wish. We invite Cricketers to buy Matrrixx products and see the difference themselves. It is really funny when we get back our own used bats from players for cloning, which are hot stamped with the logos of more than one manufacturers who have paid them to put their stamp on the sides to befool viewers of TV. First one manufacturer pays the player and puts his stamp and then it is removed by another who pays the same player and puts his stamp and all this on our bats.

After a long innings abroad in the IT sector in Marketing and Sales, It was 10 years ago that I decided to return to India and approached a well known bat maker with a request that he manufacture 24 cricket bats from the very finest English Willow available. The bats were individually pressed and shaped and waxed as per my requirements, labeled with MATRRIXX decals (designed by me) and sold to friends and friends of friends at cost price. While the exercise was more for fun than profit, the bats were a huge success as were the Matrrixx graphics. One other bat was made and presented to the Indian maestro Sachin Tendulkar who loved the bat and asked for a few more. It wasn't long before a demand for Matrrixx bats grew and a cricket brand was born.

Today Matrrixx is an well known brand and an independent cricket goods manufacturing company, with the sole aim of producing exceptional, handmade bats and high quality protective equipment. The reputation of Matrrixx as master bat-makers and bat-makers to numerous International stars and big brands has quickly spread throughout the world, as have our innovative designs. Our products are the result of detailed research and a combination of traditional skills and modern day thinking to meet the demands of modern cricketers. We are proud to say, the results we believe have produced some of the very best bats and equipment available today. The Matrrixx philosophy is simple.... Uncompromising quality, unrivalled performance and unique designs come first. At Matrrixx we work to see our customers smile and we go to any lengths to delight our customers.

Today, I have a hands-on approach to everything that is now MATRRIXX CRICKET. What started out as a fun exercise has certainly blossomed into a highly respected and sought after International brand with a bit of visibility on TV too, and our products are available internationally. The really good news for cricketers is that the same personal involvement with those first 24 cricket bats now goes into every product in the Matrrixx range.

Whether it's a new bat, protective equipment, clothing, bag or accessories, Matrrixx is committed to manufacturing the world's best cricket products for cricketers of all standards, from International Cricket to Club Cricket down all the way to schoolboy cricket. A Matrrixx Product at any level is an assurance of quality, workmanship and customer delight.

At Matrrixx we use traditional hand crafting techniques which have taken many years to perfect and follow in the tradition of the ancient English bat makers. Our special pod shaving techniques and proprietary pressing techniques produce a blade with the most stable and refined molecular structure found anywhere in the cricketing industry today. Because, we are able to have the fundamental weight adjustments in the blade to occur during the pod shaving process rather than the sanding process, we can create a uniformity of blade weight and balance which is unsurpassed. This translates into unbelievable feel at impact and an overall superior product, plus a few proprietary secrets that we are not at liberty to discuss...

People are amazed that our master craftsman who is our head bat maker, and who is often referred to by Professional International cricketers as having the Hands of God, actually works hands-on in the factory every day. He passes down his knowledge and skills to his two sons, and still occupies the number one chair in the production line.

Being able to control the entire business cycle 'end to end' from production right through to the end user we can ensure that there are no breaches in the quality of our product and that is one of the keys to our continuing success, unwavering quality! Ours is a long term strategy that has served the company well and insisted upon by me, as the company founder. I'm in total control of the entire manufacturing process from the raw piece of willow to the finished product.

Ajit Menon

Founder & CEO
Matrrixx Ventures Inc.