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We get a lot of orders for bats where customers want bats which are made for an International player or of the same quality of willow that these players use. These are generally made to the specs of leading International players for whom Matrrixx makes bats which are then used with sponsors stickers. To address this, Matrrixx launched the PLAYERS RESERVE bat which is made from our "Super best" players grade willow that is graded out of the best of the Air dried willow from the age old form of GR green in the willow heartland of Suffolk, England, handpicked personally by the master willow specialist Guy Foskett, purely for performance and balance.

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The new PLAYERS RESERVE bat is now available for sale after years of mastering the craft of making bats for top notch International players, based on the concept of building a huge profile bat that performs. The bat has a huge profile and a feather light pick up. The face of this bat is flat and prepared mostly by hand mallet for the pressing. The edges are consistently huge and the profile depth massive. Such a bat is made from willow which has very tight grains and is the heartwood and with 50% or more red colour in the blade. A narrow grain bat will certainly play well, quicker, but will not have a particularly long life but it is worth dying for due to its ping and weight. We can also give this bat an additional drying process, on request that gives it more profile. This is a special process that is only done for International players and means that the bat is not likely to last as long but will have even more power and presence with an amazing pickup.
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