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In the last TEN years since the T-20 came into existence and later through the IPL, TWENTY20 has revolutionized cricket. Matrrixx have now tried to turn the bat around, with a revolutionary design to enable batsmen to hit the ball with both sides of the blade. Matrrixx have developed a new two sided bat with a exactly similar, pressed hitting area on the reverse side. With the new two sided bat, the batsman is also able to do hit the ball with either a left- or a right-handed grip as he faces. Sometimes he swaps hands and sometimes he doesn't, leading to a previously unimaginable range of shots. The development of a two-sided bat by Matrrixx promises only to increase the range of new shots that can only make the game more exciting.

Although the lap shot is the main target, batsmen may find other uses. The back of the bat could be used to defuse full-length Yorkers often employed by bowlers in Twenty20 cricket to restrict scoring options. With the back of the bat in play batsmen figure they can reach forward and "lap" it up over their shoulder to the undefended boundary behind first slip.

There'll be a lot of different shots being invented as you will be able to clear the fence on either side of the wicket as a left-or right-hander and it would really be a player that's developed himself purely for Twenty20 cricket who would play that sort of shot. The bat itself though is slightly heavier than a regular bat feels surprisingly light and picks up incredibly light for such a massive piece of willow due to the the weight distributed at the higher part of the bat and maintaining thick edges all along.

It also features a bow to enhance power and also a chiseled toe. It features an enlarged sweet spot on both sides of the blade. One of the important things is that this bat within reasonable weights can only be made from an extra thick cleft and one that is extremely light. In net sessions players have tried to employ the back of the bat - mostly those with an eye to playing T-20 cricket. We expect young players to work on innovative shots and styles with the potential to send Twenty20 off on a different evolutionary path. The new bat would meet current ICC specifications and could be made without reducing hitting power from the front.

The bat has been extensively tested in the nets and most players who have used it seem to be wanting one of these bats to use regularly in order to further develop new shots. I've had a few hits in the net and have found it to be very useful and offering something that makes the bowlers to ponder and act fast. Hopefully, the next generation of players will be able to bat both sides.

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