Rare Blue Bat

The Matrrixx Rare Blue bat

The Matrrixx Rare Blue bat is the pinnacle of cricket bat craftsmanship. Such willow is extremely rare to find and we are not able to produce more than 5-6 such bats a year. In simple terms, the Rare Blue is the finest piece of willow handcrafted into the finest possible cricket bat by the senior most bat maker at Matrrixx! The Rare Blue bat is always made to your specifications and for those Cricketers who are passionate about having the finest possible bat. Only 1 or 2 clefts from a shipment of 2000 premium grade clefts makes this grade.

NB: The Rare Blue bat is a bat meant for playing and not a display bat which goes into your show case and we do not package it with cheaper bats, wooden cases, rubber grips, bat mallet, gripping cone etc, all of which you may already be carrying in your kit bag as a seasoned player. The bat is not a gimmick to overcharge an unsuspecting customer, instead it is a very premium Cricket bat with a promise to perform and exceed your expectations.

Door delivered anywhere in the world.