Tiger Bats
Of late a number of professionals have started getting their bats made from "tiger willow." This is a return to the days of yore when the tiger willow bat was much coveted and was called 'The Professional's choice.'

These bats are made from the best cuts of timber called special Tiger willow. This is "Tiger bat", and this specially handpicked Willow is very strong and plays extremely well. A carefully chosen cleft and well made tiger willow bat will make a bat which provides superior balance and ping. We have made many tiger bats and all of them became belters and are very good indeed and clients come looking for the same type of timber again.

It takes a trained eye to pick such clefts and turn them into the absolute belter bats. I use tiger bats myself and swear by them and would recommend these to those looking for a special bat which will also last longer. We now introduce these bats to all cricketers who wish to buy something really special and are really interested in the hardware and not purely cosmetics. These can be Custom made e.g. Long blade, short handle, low sweet spot, oval handle and weight to suit your style of play.